Welcome to the Facephysics Total online course.


Welcome to the Facephysics Total online course.
Here are some instructions to make your workouts as effective as possible.
You will see a difference on your face within 6-12 weeks, so keep exercising regularly and with determination. Once the changes on your face begin, you won't have to look for motivation any longer as you will be looking forward to the next workout session with excitement.

1. Before exercising, take pictures of your face as well as a video in which you talk and smile. These are important reference points for later.

2. Before exercising, wash your face with soap. There should be no oil on the skin of the face or your hands since otherwise the skin will be too slippery and you won't get a good grip with your fingers.


3. Start carefully. The video tells you to do 50 repetitions and do a static hold as you count to 20. Do this only starting from week 3. During the first week, you should do 30 repetitions, during the second week 40.

Also, don’t tense your muscles at full strength in the beginning. During the first week, exercise the muscles at 60% of the maximum strength, during the second week at 80% and only during the third week tense your muscles at full strength on every repetition.

4. In the beginning, do the exercises in front of the mirror so you learn to do the movements correctly. Concentrate on the muscles being exercised. The nerves in your muscles can sometimes be weak and it takes a little while before you can make the muscles obey. Once you know the movements well, you can do the exercises e.g. whilst watching TV.


5. Starting from week 3, the muscles will be exercised vigorously. Following the instructions, do 50 repetitions and a static hold as you count to 20. The muscles must get exhausted in order to grow their size. If you can feel the muscle burning before reaching 50, you can do less repetitions. However, always do the static hold at the end.

6. Recovery is extremely important! During the first three months, always have at least one rest day after each workout. Should your muscles still feel tired, have 2 or even 3 days off.
After three months of exercise, you can do the workout on max. 3 daysin a row, having at least one rest day afterwards.

7. Change up the workout schedule every four weeks. First 4 weeks: Do the repetitions at a normal, calm pace, tense the muscle for about one second and relax.

Next 4 weeks: Do the repetitions at a fast pace but so that you have time to tense and relax the muscle completely.
Next 4 weeks: Do the repetitions at a slow pace, tense the muscle for2-4 seconds and relax.
Different rhythms give the muscle a different kind of stimulus which makes the workouts more effective.

8. After three months of exercise, you can occasionally (1-2 times per week) do super exercises by doing the same exercise 2-3 times during the same workout session. For example, if one part of your face needs more exercise, focus the super exercises on that area.

You can also do , for example, 2-3 movements as super exercises one week and change the movements the following week. Always remember recovery!
When doing super exercises, do one repetition, then exercise a different muscle group and then go back to the super exercise so that the muscle being super-exercised is given some time to rest in between.

Good luck with your workouts!
Regards Mari Sainio


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