100% Natural Facelift

100% Natural Face Lift

Natural Face Lift
Facephysics® is an exercise programme for facial muscles that gives your face a lift and fades away any signs of ageing completely naturally. The method is based on the hypertrophy of the facial muscles (muscle growth). Hands and fingers are used as weights to resist the movement of the muscles, so the workout isn’t tied to a place or time. Facephysics has been designed so that exercising the muscles doesn’t cause wrinkles or lines but removes them as the face lifts.


Comprehensive training programme for lifting the entire face that includes 17 exercises. Clear video instruction is available for each exercise. The exercises involve repetitions until the muscle is very tired and a static hold at the end. Beginners do 20-40, the more advanced 50 and the very advanced even 100 repetitions. The rhythm of the repetitions varies from slow to fast in order to vary the stimulus. In the beginning, time should be reserved for learning the movements, but already within a few weeks, you will be doing the exercises in 30 minutes, perhaps whilst watching TV.

Facephysics Personal

Just like with the other muscles in your body, you can get to the next level at building your facial muscles with the help of personal coaching. Everyone's face is different and everyone has their own wishes regarding their looks. A personalised programme is built out of the exercises in the “movement bank” and the exercise schedule is adapted to each person. For example, if the person's schedule allows a full-length workout every day, the exercises can be spread out so that some of the facial muscles are exercised one day, some on another and so on.

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