Facephysics before and after 2


Customer 60 years old. 

The client was going to surgery on the upper eyelids, the eyelids were pressing on the eyes and obstructing vision. After three months of training, the eyelids had risen and the problem was gone.


1.5 years of training. The client's particular problem area was the jawline and neck, which have changed dramatically.


Training behind 8 months. With age, the "lengthened" face begins to shorten with exercise. The roundness of the cheeks is restored.


3 weeks of practice behind. With this client, the change has happened unbelievably fast. During that time, the muscles still don't have much time to grow, but when you train, the muscle tissue swells as it fills with blood, so you can already see "in advance" what the permanent result will look like. The fluids start moving immediately after the training starts, which changes the appearance a lot. This customer is overweight, but the weight has not changed between pictures.

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